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Welcome to InetPlaza, the home of five World Class Web Centers:

The Towers:

Visit the offices of companies, service organizations, and businesses. 

Special Features:

The Mall:

Want to go shopping? Take a stroll through the Mall at InetPlaza. There is a wide range of stores for your window shopping pleasure or from which to make your next purchase.

The BoardWalk:

Do you like the outdoors? The BoardWalk features sports, travel and leisure. For your recreation needs, browse through these quality sites. If you're planning a day off or an extended holiday vacation, check these sites.

The MarketPlace:

Looking for a specific product? The MarketPlace offers advertising for retailers with specialty products.

The HomeFront:

Anything and everything to do with your home or family living, these sites have much to offer.

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Real Estate Home Business
Resumes Home Improvements

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